New ideas, delightfully written.

It’s me, Steve Bryant. I work with brands, agencies, and publishers on content operations. You might know me as the head of content for Article Group, a boutique creative agency.

Or as the guy who writes those stupidly popular posts about storytelling and frameworks and the forest science of Facebook, or maybe because of that prescient post about why Trump is a better storyteller than Hemingway, or that viral twitter thread about bicycle face.

Or you might know me from that midnight road race I created in Los Angeles. Or that series of delicious dinners I started called The Great Steak Debate.

I also used to run a little one-man consulting op called Dicks & Betties. This is now that.

What can I expect from these dispatches?

Love. Tenderness. Occasional scribblings. A more distinct shape will emerge. Transformation. Chrysalis.

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